The Seraph Scribe

Sequestered in my sepulcher, I write
In the vital hue of each quill culled fresh
From the seraph's back, the red ink of spite
Doth surge eagerly from celestial flesh,
Whets the barb of blasphemous appetite.

Eyes never unshuttered to dawning light
Under creased brow, in my silent scream
I scribe the black poetry of the blind,
This flightless arrow bears a vengeful dream
Of the unhealing heart, of ceaseless night.

Virtue and vanity and sacrifice
Offered on the altar of holy art,
Its serrated serenade chimes sublime
Though cannot banish shadows from my heart;
I pluck another feather from my spine.

On and on, on and on and on, I write.

The Ocean Burnt

The ocean burned with envy as it watched you look at me like no sailor ever looked at the sea, like seeing glass catch fire in the warm warring light of desire, with murderous clarity the brine conspired to dine on our mortality, capsizing our galleon in its rabid foam and ragged reef of teeth, I could but taste your breath and smell your neck as our feet lifted from the deck, eyes intertwined, ascending to the covetous sky, as stars crossed themselves, charting our demise, growling from infinity, outraged by your beauty, worldly, staggering, its angels made plain in their cheap celestial artistry, our adoration a violent constellation by which our heavenly enemies seemed alien, irrelevant, dim, until the renegade dawn stole through the night and its yawn, a welcome flame to which we became patron saints, golden, radiant, safe to crawl inside each other, lovers, our boundaries blurred, the outside world distant, slurred, our affections understood and unheard.

One Score and Seven

One score and seven
I, the devil stolen into heaven
I, the angel, the mortal, the heathen
I, the wrath, the forgotten fiery sword
I, the sincerest lover's whispered word
I, the witching ward
Seven and a score
My self-portrait doubted, distorted, torn
My skeletal easel of lust and scorn
My charming empire of identity
My useless everything stripped to its seed
My dreams set to bleed
Seven scoring me
Deep, deep to my core
Each breath, an oath sworn
In filth turned soil, born
Fertile vows given
Grown, ripened, again
One score and seven.

To Die and Dream Again

My bones all beg to break
My soul may soon forsake
The dream I dare to drink
This thought a thorn to think
How weak my will unwound
The gods have gone aground
To here unhorse my head
And drain it dry and dead
Of blood and brains of beasts
To put in place a peace
So finely fit and false
My mighty mind is mauled
But strong I strum the strings
And will re-win my wings.

Our Grim Pilgrim

He journeys to where he has not been
To find that with which we all begin
In a weathered world where truth is dead
And nobody bothers bury it

We deftly deceive the deities
While resolute, our grim pilgrim, he
Confronts the holy the dark the odd
The ghost of a bygone mortal god

His comforts made sacred sacrifice
Erase the shadows from failing night
He drinks deep the ether of our dreams
We, vain violent loving fearing fiends

He will wander even in sojourn
To divine his human borders burnt
A pilgrim then through ruin and smoke
Thus builds him a sheer and simple home–
–among sheer and simple folk.


A moon made from white ice hides
My dead forgotten futures
On a spine hooked like a lure
From a thin line of starlight

My leaving lovers
My guts uncovered
Held high in my hands
While I could still stand

Pain is a lie
Smaller than life
A pretty bit of butchery
A baited heart, a mind's deceit

Filled all the way with nothing
Each breath a terrible dream
Too close to see
Too far to reach

I die again in slow motion
Alone adrift in my ocean
I dare to drown great Poseidon
In the waters I dam within

A death turned to life if I drink
This grave become birth when I sink
With abandon I abandon
Dread for hope and let the world in.


Oft have I felt the prick of Cupid's aimed
Flaming arrow of infatuation
And no more do I flinch at his barbed pain
But give him my daily salutation

For there came one January morning
Over a new lost love I sat mourning

I recognized the beat of his white wings
And did fetch my rifle from the mantel
Grinning like a devil when angels sing
Loading more rounds than his frame could handle

The cherub took his aim and I in turn
Squeezed the trigger with my heart as it burned

And took my trophy as proud hunters do
The head severed clean from Cupid's body
Mounted with love and care and gobs of glue
Smiling, upon the wall of my study.


I must not obsess obsess obsess
I must hide this last lovesick abscess

I need you to strip for me
I need for you to strip me
Strip me of my arrogance
Strip me of my emptiness

I need you now that you've gone
Please peel my armor away
Please I need to be naked
Can't you love me when I'm wrong?

I need to feel you until I can't feel me.


My heart beats backward
I cannot breathe this air inside of me

Dead as days I saved
Buried like bones in my skin made from stone

Red light twisted tight
Hungry to hold the blood I bled and sold

I beat my heart back
Into a cage I cannot myself 'scape.

Let It Be Here

Let it be here,
Where the bodies of our brothers be the corpses of kings
Sown like seeds beneath our feet.
Let it be here our roots drive deep and drink
Their valor, their might.
Let us here grow to defiant height.
Let our roar crack the sky,
Quake the earth,
Break upon the ear of our enemy.
Let it be here war is born bloody and screaming!
Let it be here!

The young man awoke from his dreaming,
Awoke from a moment of meaning,
The sleeping world, retreating
Before a dull army of reality,
Vastly beyond counting or defeating.
Green eyes gone grey, blind, but still seeing.